Learning Assets

Online learning puzzles and games can bring refreshment and lesson review to students the same time. Use the resources below to accomplish that.

Fun With Education City

The Program

Using the Program

Classwork -
Community Interaction

In the class, the teacher needs to prompt speaking and writing in a way that there are many oportunities to give corrective feedback and language production support. This makes up an important portion of the "in class" regimine. Using student conductors and giving every child a turn keeps student attention high and provides a more balanced opportunity for language production and teacher feedback.

Classwork -
In Class Workbook

The writing assignments are very important, and are based on the workbook sections. Although some workbook assignments can be done at home, teachers should select the more difficult units to do in class in order to provide good support and feedback. Each class should have a writing period.

Classwork -
Online Activities

EduCity EFL Program has three tools for online activities, and all can be used in the classroom as either group or individual learning tools. The key components are the Education City Activity lessons which track student progress, but the Pixel Cave Multiplayer Game and the online puzzles are good re-enforcement tools.

Classwork -
Online Native Teachers

We highly recommend that classes use our online American teachers in at least one 20 minute session per week. This will give support both to the students and to the teachers. Our Education City online teachers are a way to get direct attention from Education City Certified Teaching professionals, and native language intervention. Our support staff can set up regular programs of assistance customized for your school and delivered through our teachers.

Homework -
Online American Tutors

The most powerful tool we have for activating the language is our online US tutor program. We recommend 20 minute sesson three times per week after dinner time. The classes have no more than three students and focus on re-inforcing the lessons studied in the classroom. The teachers will devolve the lesson material into conversational episodes with the kids and give them much more opportunity to actualy use English.

Homework -
Schedule Adherence

The goal of Education City EFL program is to advance students to Academic English proficiency within a set number of hours / years. According to CEFR, each level assessment should take 12 to 18 months, leading to B1 proficiency after aproximately 6 years. Our EFL program is carefully designed to accomplish this IF students, parents, and teachers follow the lesson schedule as outlined in the program. Homework should be used to keep the students.